47. More than Conquerors

47. More than Conquerors

Two of the sweetest little girls in the world came up to me in a church one day. They were crying. When I asked them what was wrong, they told me that some young people had told them that the Mickey Mouse t-shirt one of them was wearing was of the devil.

Man, was I ticked off! Not only for the young people’s lack of wisdom (after all they are young) but more than anything, for the message they were sending to these little impressionable girls. We do not have to be careful with Disney, Disney needs to be worried about us.

In the Old Testament, corruption was powerful. If a clean thing touched an unclean thing, the holy became abominable and contaminating.1 If you touched a leper, a dead body or an animal that was not on the “acceptable” list, you were defiled and had to follow certain rites to become acceptable to God and society again.

However, everything changes in the New Testament. The victory that cost Jesus so much is absolute. Now, if I touch a leper, he just might be healed.2 There even exists the possibility that a dead man might rise from the dead if I touch him, rather than his dead body contaminating mine.2

So, we don’t have to fear external contamination.3 The power that is in us is so superior that any external contaminating elements should fear us.

We should go to the company Christmas party, kick in the door and declare, “The light has arrived.”

But, as long as we see ourselves as weak, well, we are. If we are afraid of being contaminated, we will worry and protect ourselves from that contamination more than we will work at being salt and light4, at being friends of sinners5 or being in the world but not of the world. We need to be casting out demons, healing the sick and preaching the kingdom of God.6

God does reign. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.7 We are more than conquerors through Him who loves us.8

He who did not even spare His own Son but put Him through what He went through for us, won’t He give us everything else along with it?9 Who can be against us?10 (I want to tell you a secret. These are rhetorical questions.)

I am not a triumphalist. But when I believe something that contradicts what the Bible says, I am not being a realist, I am believing a lie. And if I live as if this lie were true, I am missing out on everything that Jesus bought for me at a very high price. This false modesty that we Christians can be guilty of, is in reality a lack of faith.

If I have my eyes on my heavenly home, if I consider myself a pilgrim and stranger on this earth, all that is attractive here fades. The gates of hell do not attack me, I am the one who attacks the gates of hell and they cannot resist.11

Let us take our rightful place. We are children of the Most High and everything has been provided for my personal victory and my ministry in the world.

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