6. Total Access

6. Total Access

Jesus said that the wind blows where it wants and even though we hear its sound, we don’t know where it comes from nor where it goes. He then compared this to people that are led by the Spirit.1 Have you ever heard a sermon on this verse? What is it trying to tell you? Nicodemus did not understand it and Jesus was talking directly to him.

In this 21st century, punctuality, five-year plans, Blackberrys (or Palm Pilots) are signs that you are a responsible person. To be able to tell where you will be next week and at what time you will be there makes you look important and in demand.

I am not against order. I have a daily routine when I am home and I do not stray from it one bit.

However, spontaneity is a very important part of being led by the Spirit.

There are some that like spontaneity because they are rebellious or have a hard time submitting to authority. They want to do whatever they please.

I, on the other hand, rebel against spontaneity because it interferes with my prayer time, my schedule, the work I have in the office, etc.

But the great men of God were unpredictable (another way of saying “led by the Spirit”).

Jesus lived like that. He did nothing except what He had been shown by His Father.2 (In the Greek, “nothing” in this verse means… “nothing”). He did not say anything except that which His Father had already said.3 He was totally led by the Spirit. He did some things that were incomprehensible for the disciples and made the Pharisees crazy.

Jesus never used His “connections” (and boy did He have connections!) He lived submitted to the Father and led by the Spirit. He did not grasp being equal with God.4

We cannot aspire to being the only begotten son of God. But we can be led by the Spirit, and those that are led by the Spirit are the sons of God.5

So go ahead with your daily routine. Jesus had His daily routine. But open up to spontaneity. The Spirit can ask of you whatever He wants to. He is the Lord and we are the servants. The more you walk in the Spirit, the more evident it will be. You may just do some things that make no sense humanly speaking. Jesus left a huge revival in its rapid growth stage to go and minister to one man who lived in a cemetery.6

On another occasion, there was a great multitude listening to Him. He told them that unless they ate His flesh and drank His blood, they would not have life in themselves.7 That grossed everyone out and so they went home.

These are inexplicable things for the human mind, but doesn’t He say somewhere that His ways and thoughts are not like ours? They are so much higher than mine just like the heavens are higher than the earth.8

He knows better than I. So I am going to let Him lead; not my routine and not my agenda. I give Him free access to interrupt my life and plans whenever, wherever, and however He chooses. He is the Lord, I am the servant.

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