An overview

I first came to Spain in 1975. (Marisa was born in Spain, so she has been here longer.) I came to work with a Teen Challenge coffee house in the coastal town of Sitges, near Barcelona. I found what I had been born to do.


We are currently working in two major areas of church growth, 1) accelerating church planting using the resources available to us as Assemblies of God missionaries, and 2) developing leadership in a growing movement. It has been a great run and we love and feel fulfilled in our lives and ministries.

Marisa is the President of the Spanish Bible school board and is very active in that ministry.

A more detailed history of our ministry can be found here.

This web site is designed to let you know a bit more about our ministry and the opportunities that the work in Spain offers. In the acceleration of church planting, we need help. It has never been better in the 35 years I have been here for church planting. That’s why we need evangelism teams, construction teams and offerings designated for church planting to help nascent churches with their start-up costs. BGMC and Light-for-the-Lost are always there and always a big help. Excellent ministries. Please click on the links above for more information about the ministry opportunities in Spain.

We do have a prayer team. If you would like to pray for us and our ministry, please send us an email requesting to be put on the list. I don’t sign anyone up for the prayer team if they do not request it. I don’t want to spam anyone. I send out requests sporadically as needs arise. I always send a followup email letting the prayer team know how things turned out.

I have also included here a copy of a book I wrote called “Out of the Fog”. (Yes, I pirated my own book and put it up for free on the internet.)

If you have any questions, suggestions, corrections or comments, please let us know. We want to do this right and I am pretty sure we can only do it right with a lot of help. You can send us an email and I will write you back.


God bless you. Thank you for taking the time to look this over.

We love you,  Scott & Marisa