Construction Teams

What to expect

During the last five years, over thirty-five churches have been started in Spain. Marisa and I have assisted many of these beginnings. We need help from many sources to be able to facilitate and accelerate the planting of new churches in this spiritually needy European country.

One way which we have assisted new churches is by enlisting the help of a construction team from the States to do the initial remodeling of the buildings in which they meet.

Typically, a construction team will come from a church in the U.S. for seven days. Most of the churches in Spain begin in storefronts located on the ground floor of a high-rise apartment building so six of those days are spent in intense work, turning that storefront into a meeting place for a church. The other day is a day off, usually spent in sight seeing, getting to know the culture and history of Spain better.

The kind of work the team does in those days depends entirely on the condition and needs of the building.  Some of the storefronts are in fairly good condition, while others are in need of plumbing, electrical work, tile work, sound proofing, and other major reforms.

Marisa is also very involved with the Bible school here in Spain and with Teen Challenge. She is the president of the Bible school board and also serves on the Teen Challenge board. Depending on the urgency and the need, some construction teams may work on the facilities of these two extremely important ministries.

Every team brings an offering to buy the materials they will be using while working here. As these are new church plants, normally there is no congregation, and with no congregation, there are no tithers. So it is necessary that a team bring at least enough money to cover the materials they will be using in their work.  A typical offering that a construction team brings is from $5,000-$8,000.

We need the help of such construction teams. This is an excellent moment in the history of the church in Spain. Though the church-planting process is not fast, it is progressing noticeably better than ever before.  I have been planting churches in Spain for 35 years and it has never been accomplished as easily or as quickly as it is now. The church-planting “snowball”  is getting bigger and gaining speed.

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